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Wine Wolf 'Touch of Dutch' Semillon, Barossa Valley 2021

Wine Wolf 'Touch of Dutch' Semillon, Barossa Valley 2021

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Semillon. Vine Vale, Barossa Valley

Lotte Wolf was my great friend, a Sommelier, a winemaker and an extraordinary human being. You know the kind of person that lights up a room, fills you with fire and inspiration and makes you walk a little taller? We met at Quinta Val Donna Maria during the vintage in Portugal in 2008.  She has inspired, loved and encouraged people from all over the world with a dream, to chase those dreams relentlessly until they become fruition.

We started the Winewolf Foundation in her honor, to keep her label and dream alive, and through the proceeds continue to support others to chase their dreams.  I’ve been so fortunate to meet and work with the South African team in 2019, and now I am so very proud to bring you The Winewolf Foundation Australian chapter 2021 Semillon. Made by hand, with love with some of my best friends along for the ride.

Thank you to Sven and Drew from for making this dream come true with me.

As Lotte taught me, dream big and love hard.

Thank you for trying our wine… I do believe it’s quite delicious. Think lemon curd and fresh brioche with a touch of minerality and zest.


Courtney x

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